The Sense of A Hug

when does a hug become important for someone? i have been graciously hugged by some important people, and each one has its own uniqueness and warmth. embracing a person can be the biggest connection known to human beings. so why aren't people seen giving more hugs than usual? as i think when someone hugs me, i want to feel their inner love connect with me. as i let go, i hold their inner love like it is a best friend to me. So give hugs as often you can in this world. they are part of memories to take along with you for a lifetime, and you can always rejourney back to the hug.
   i shared this thought with a good friend of mine from several schools, we have went to since I moved to California. she gave me a great hard hug, and as small as she is, i thought i would crush her. but ironically speaking, it was the other way around. she crushed my ribs and our hearts smashed into one another. i looked to the sky, and i thanked God for the love and connection among friends who walk this world with me. never should i ever turn a hug away, for it shows that we turn away ourselves to something so given and enviting. so when you are out walking the streets at night alone, thinking, in need for someone to hold you and confine you to their world, let their hug come be a part of you. and stick to your memory as if it was your last. i think how often a hug has a message to it. and it is sure gratitude, love, need, and longing. why do human make this contact with one another? how would we survive without it? what is more important today the hug of your neighbor or the back of a friend? i think that hugs symbolizes different thing culturally. universally, it is sincere and heartfelt.
     i think that hugs are like smiles. you cannot miss it and you feel it so simple and easily with life. i never forget hug along with its face. so while you are encaptured by the other passing things to you in life, remember those small hands or face pressed against a cheek, and think how special you are at the moment. someone's hug has been imprinted into your soul.