I feel a bit inspired at the moment though I am taking a break from my busy morning of work here at my agency.

When you feel like life is too much, you should take the time to look at something wonderful. When you feel like life just never lets  you breathe long enough, you should think about those other hard days in your life and remember how you made it through those rough times. Life doesn't always plan so easily that you can always be this way or perfect for everything. It is often tough and it is often rewarding. Though when  you feel too busy to smile or say hi,  you should really slow down, count  your blessings, and look around at other busy people around  you. You don't want to be someone who never have time to make for others let alone yourself. So as I am sitting here, I feel that we can do so much even with the little time we have to do it. What you choose to do with your time is the meaning of your life? Trying to do your best despite all odds is your gift to yourself. Don't let life get you down when you feel like it is not giving anything back. Believe that it is, in usually more ways than one. We are just blind to it.

"There is never a forgotten word when the word is meant to change your whole entire perception. Choose to make what you say meaningful because the next person might need the word to get through the day."

-Keisha S. Marshall