Who truly owns the voice at the end of the night and crowds of fingertips are casting their name for the possible delegate to become the member of their party up for presidency? Today United States had its first primary elections for each representing votee to cast their vote for the running members of the upcoming election to start making their headway to convince the minds of Americans that their political agenda will be worth the vote to save and restore the justice along with strong consideration of caring for its people.

The political agendas are held very closely as we are reading and deciding over in our minds. Who fits to replace and restore what has been in a personal sense twisted abruptly for the sake of political power and conquest. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are really going head to head with these votes to obtain winnings in certain states. Along with the Republican party, Romney and John McCain are duking out for their battles. Already in the state of California, Republican chosen is McCain and Democratic is Clinton. I want for the 2008 elected president to seriously listen to the people in this country and internationally about what fits to bring this world to greater understanding, greater influences for the best, and greater seeking to learn and invite many minds to build support.

Just because we live in a different country, it does not mean what happens in another country does not truly affect us. It does, and we are all interconnected to some sense-either through trade, political agendas, religion, education, family, etc. So we all have to think of the bigger picture. I want to see a president who truly cares... Seeks to make a person who is never heard, heard among all. So it is going to be one heck of interesting political walk for these coming months. I will be listening and watching carefully. For those in America who are reading this, remember: YOUR VOTE COUNTS.