Look me up again you blind fool
You're caught in my lines of plight and leading a dead game
I got more to handle and lots to lose for you
And I think that the way lives go to be a part of our trick

Brush me away like something fell and stole your soul
Left a mark on you for sure that burns every time you close
Those eyes of yours and seek to burn within me
All you feel I have stolen of you

Look behind me and into your own life
You got so much to hide and you dont see it following you
Afraid to put yourself against that pain, that power, that happiness
Alas you're carrying so much for no reason

Toss me into your corner and do away with my shirt
You like the way it feels in your hand
Rubbing it between your thumb like residue of your heart
All over again you look at me shirtless and confused

Look into my eyes like you knew my thoughts
Cannot you see every line of beauty within them,
And deny yourself pleasure to look away
When you need them all the time to stay alive

Someone got a place so small, someone got a thought so effortless
Defeating and pleading in the name of some good
Yet you're looking for everything to bring yourself
Alas it is good again, yourself is branded against my thought

Break the string on your finger
Tell yourself to start reminding yourself of your choice
I got a lot to carry besides you in my prayers
And the clatter of your memory stirs me everywhere

Look me up again you blind fool
You dont see what I begin to teach you
I have been holding on for so long that I dont know how to hold on anymore
And I got so many times to tell you this-"Hurry the hell up."

In all I say about myself, I am playing the game with myself
I am telling it to better itself when I am watching it outside in reality
Life is so much more than you make of it
And the more you play stupid the less it takes you otherwise

So I look inside and I find everyday
A way to preserve what I feel about myself
And the journey is carrying me to be there too
My heart longs to know more and my mind is too curious to let go
Otherwise, Otherwise

-keisha s. m.

*Another 2006 poem.