Today I shuttered to my own thought
I anticipated the things that I thought I lacked
Today I bent over inside my heart
Comforted myself against the veins
Swearing it started to wrinkle and form a Smile
Today I skipped hand and hand
They were both happy going back and forth
I saw them stretch up and come to cradle my face

I am so happy
I am so there
I am so everyday

Today I heard a cry then I heard a whisper
They both had a chat for they wanted to keep quiet
Both in pain both in dismay
They hold on to themselves and the person hides away
Today I ran inside the door
The door slammed my finger inside its crack
I yelped in pain but the door remained still
I kicked it again and again
I felt bruised by my own doing and the door remained still

I am so cheery
I am so there
I am so anywhere

Today I wanted to kiss him
He deserted me in his own way
So searching and finding a message but he hates my glare
I blind him for my eyes grow wider each time
Today I wanted to feel close
They let go when I tried to pull harder
And the rings pop out and fall onto the floor
They just looked at them and saw me as their broken pieces

I am so flying
I am so there
I am so with You

Today I saw a woman stare at me
Her tone bronzed with anger
Her eyes sad as a geese struggling to find home
She stared at me as though someone was behind me
Today she saw herself reflecting off of me
I knew this day would have reasons
Too bad I could not give her an answer

Today I am free
Today I am there
Today I await again

-Keisha Marshall

*A poem that I wrote in 2006 about looking at other people's lives that somehow register some form of thought inside of me. We are all in this commonality than difference.*