What does *one of these days* truly mean for us?

Does it appear that one of these days I will wake up and understand myself more…Does one of these days I will seek something that I could have done that day…Does one of these days mean that the day may not really come but you’re just going to hope for your sake-it will? It is a cliché term that does not help eliminate what is the addressing concern at the moment. It is putting off something for tomorrow what you could have done today. Why do we tell ourselves this even when we are in the heat of the moment with our arguments, despair, and even confusion? It is like a temporary brain fart that does not further us to think anymore than those mere few words…

I think I distinctively remember when people usually say, “Well, one of these days, you’ll be sorry.” Is not this person already regretful or disturbed at the moment that he or she doesn’t have to wait until the day comes? The human language is something of curiosity because we use words that have meanings for who we are and what we feel. Different countries use similar words in different language for their country and perhaps in a different  cliché. I just think that we look forward to something more than what is good for us right now. It is always what is in the future than what is here in front of us right now. People realize one of these days that they have often waited too late. As they say also, Carpe diem! Why hold off on something tomorrow when you can make it happen today? Now I do know that people who work towards something does not happen overnight. If you work on it this day, you have each and every day to look forward and doing what you would have waited to do one of these days.

I think for some of us we just need to say something out of spite, and we need to do something out of selfishness. Like with arguments who do we hear most often to get our point (which counts more) across to the other person-ME ME ME. Toleration prolongs us to deal with what we are already so very used to…that we can stand to wait one of these days. Anyone with the lack thereof is not hesitant to wait but put it forward right then and there. Do we think that one of these days is a sense of avoidance? Somehow I find that we keep some existing problems, feelings, or goals set aside because we are not ready to deal with them. For this it is ok, but you got to answer yourself 10 years later what happened to what you really wanted at the time? No more *one of these days*, but I will *find to do every day.*