Is anything perfect…?

Come through the door and try to make it all right again
Sit the thought in the back shelf of your mind because it has nothing pure about it

We make our days worth more by perfection. Perfection in itself is not something that justifies true and great instances because it is a giveaway to judgment and dysfunction in accepting the self for the moment. Everyday we live to see something beautiful because without it nothing is ever perfect. We tell someone how to live their life because we feel that through them we live our life to be perfect. The time we spend making it seem a little bit simpler only makes it seem that much longer…Still cannot close your eyes at night because all those *wrong* and *unfixable* thoughts float around your head and turn your eyes to the dark instead to the moon’s light. Everything does not need to be perfect because if it does and always must...we never learn to accept and learn to be appreciative. We’re quick to turn our nose up at someone standing on the highway with a sign, but we’re humble to someone who needs a kidney in order to live. Both would seem not perfect but they are…life itself prevails these unfortunate acts to show that life is fragile and often lost. Again do we have to look at it as something wrong…Of course I believe in people doing what they must to show others’ mutual respect and understanding…I also think that people should be who they are.

Too many expectations bore the soul where one becomes either senseless or uncaring enough to the self to make a difference. A sense of lost identity because someone said to her that *she is not perfect* and looks what is *all wrong* about her. Imagine a child being told everyday how *messed up* he is for wanting to be who he is. Yet he becomes ignored and trained to be something suited to his family generations of professions. It is not perfect to tell someone, and it is not imperfect to be what you think you should be. If the world had to be consistent, we would lose our sense of balance because people are struck by what they don’t know and find thrilling about what they could do differently.

Just think each day that you need to fix just take it as a learning and turning point of what you are doing in your life. Even if you fall which is assumed to others as imperfect, you fall because you’re human. Nothing is perfect….