I am thinking what should be a poem that shares an universal message for all of us here on this planet Earth. Reaching out and needing to be heard when you feel you cannot even begin to hear yourself any longer. *I Hold You*

In the deepest of a night sky, you reach out to feel someone
Just for a second to feel like a lifetime
You search for a special place to comfort yourself
Arms like outstretched wings to embrace and hold
The holding that you always know is yours
I Hold You

When you feel like something is getting in your way,
you look for more meaning and words to say
Someone is standing beside you to catch you when you fall
To never let you forget that we all bear this unforgivable call
Open your arms wide so you can feel the touch
A heart, an embodiment of warmth, A sacred engravement of the body
I Hold You

Time is speeding up now
We got to hurry it seems when sometimes we don't even know how
To forget it all and be patient
Those hugs are like a stranger if you fight it like your enemy
If you fight, you resist the chance to embrace someone's else need
A hold that will last forever

In the quiet moments of your life, we should always remember the hold
Without a hold no one goes feeling peace and love inside
We pushed away when we think it is just another gesture
We forget to use it when we sit there alone in the dark
Open your arms and let someone stand there before you
Nothing is ever better
I just Want to Hold You

*Be blessed and love each day as if it was your last. ;)

-Keisha Marshall