Confusion is often a blur spot on the mind when you are not clearly understanding what is usually in front of you. Confusion is also a lost voice when you are not able to properly communicate to someone. As they say, "I am lost for words..." is often no mistake because as they think brain farts are as frequent as your confused state of being. I just think that it is often a pecularity when people grow confused because they are not necessarily inwardly demonstrating the fact, but outwardly as well. Like why do our face naturally frown or our eyebrows close in like a wrinkled sheet. Confusion is also a way to say that you need to know what is affecting you. I mean just think how lost you would truly be if you did not have the ability to get out of your confusion. You will in sense be on this natural high or euphoria all the time because nothing would touch you and you could very well be numb to your surroundings (i.e. yourself).

So how do we get out of our confusion. We do not simply ignore it. Ignoring that you are confused, shrugging your shoulder, and saying "oh well", only prolongs your confusion. In essence you are starting to block off and that part of your brain will find ways to come and remind you. Even if it is in dreams or nightmares...We do not simply focus on something else to see if it will make it any better. To listen to music is soothing but you still will not be fully out of your state of confusion. It is always a curiosity to me that people rather ignore, deny, and detached themselves from it than facing it. What we do when we are confused is to say, "I accept that I do not understand this. I accept that it will get better. I accept that I will take proper steps to understand." It is so quick to be confused even about our actions. If you catch yourself long enough, you will start seeing that you are living those patterns around your confusion. What you want to avoid, you may very well end of doing it. What you end up disliking, you very well may end of liking it. What you try to do help it, it could make it worse.

Such is life. I just think that people should not be afraid when they are too confused to even try to think. You are thinking even if you feel like you are blanked about it. You are recognizing that you are blank minded. I guess I am just curious how people deal with their problems. Our coping mechanisms are also somewhat ways to continue our lost and confused behaviors espeically when they are not positive coping mechanisms.

"Live freely, Live sweetly, Live hopefully...time will always give you enough time to make the decision before you feel you are going to not agree or figure out upon any way. Cues to live are always there but we often become blind to them because our confused selves are everywhere else searching..."

Just something to think about.