Upon the new beginnings of our year, we must remember to do what is best and extend ourselves even more to the greater concerns which affects our globalization and our way of living within our communities. Sometimes we cannot just think about ourselves when there are others who are sleeping on doorsteps or in corners of a building. Our new year has many flying windows to extend to us to give back and even create for ourselves. So with hope, I extend my blessings and happiness to everyone. We are not in single countries when we are the dwellers of Earth. Together we have to think about one another along what is fit for our world to prolong it and make it even more beautiful. Life hands us what we think we are looking for however life can drop us on our little bottoms (*hitting a hard rock*). Remember to do good for another that you extend in your own self-growth of always being the good person and helping to promote change in our lives. ;) Perhaps I am a dreamer. I prefer these type of dreams instead of dreams that lead to disminish lines of happiness to anger and hate.