ever had one of those days when you wished you hadn't? then again if you hadn't, you would never know how to react when something similar comes along. well we will say that i know how agitation can take over a part of you. agitation just feeds on you and you look in every corner for a place to hide. there is nowhere to go but stand there and take it. because if you run, you won't find your answer. if you stand still, you might feel like you're going to lose it. so which answer wins? i think that agitation will always be one of those feelings that hides among your happiness. as much as happiness hides among your sadness. you just learn to deal with your days like it is always your very best. yesterday, i just felt like i wanted to kick the wall. if i had kick the wall, would i have felt any better than the thought to do just that? i do not think so and ended up with a broken toe.

it is a learning lesson. we have to find ways to not let our emotions control us. if we do, we will be the ones sorry not that emotion that drove us to it. so each time i get agitated, i will reverse what i feel and replace it with a happy feeling or a good deed. ;) sometimes i just got to let it be there so i can get out of my system. blogging is so therapeutic.