Today I visited the Los Angeles Zoo to do some photography on the wildlife. I came upon the African gorillas (Silverback gorilla) where I found most interesting on my venture. Usually I try to see everything at the zoo but this time it did not happen. Back to the story, I was observing this one particular gorilla who I did not know at the time is named Evelyn. Well when I first got there, Evelyn was sitting along the grass and even on this log piece of stick. She would seldomly turn her head to look at her visitors. Then she would turn her head away from the visitors. At one point, she decided to turn her complete body away as in this photograph.

Once she got tired of people staring at her, she went around to the other side of her habitat. So I followed over to where I could still see her. She sat in the same place with her back towards the visitors. So eventually a couple stood beside me near this glass protective window for us to view. She was trying to get Evelyn attention. I was listening to the tour guide and also noticing Evelyn gave her attention to the waving woman near her partner. So Evelyn started charging down the hill which I thought she was going to slow down and just come closer to us. Oh noooooooo....she charged and came directly towards where I was standing. Hit the window with her fists, and I just remembered her face. I was shocked then I got startled-screamed loud to almost fall and hit the ground. Then I was told that she does not like me. I hurt my leg from falling the wrong way on it. I just thought to myself, "What if there was no glass there, I would have been in big trouble!!!!" I look back now and thought it was funny. I don't think that gorillas like people staring at them. They are very sensitive and intelligent. Most of the other animals did the same thing as well-gave us their backs. Evelyn made my day a little brighter. ;) Message of this story-Evelyn wanted me to show her some respect and put the camera away. I think she remembered me when I was on the other side photographying her.  The animal species observe us as much as we observe them. 

Then I thought would I enjoy being a part of nature as Evelyn for humans to look at me in my man-made habitat.