Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and you do nothing but let it take a shot at you. Life comes with all these different stories to tell you and leaves you blank lines to fill in yourself. Time gives you all duration for you but you can miss so many opportunities. Every day can be just as perfect as the yesterday, but you try not to look too far ahead. In all we think, we try to find reasons to understand who we are and what life means to us. Today I felt like the Earth was tilted on my shoulders and I wanted to get it off. It constantly wanted to weigh heavy.

So I thought that I just ignoring it was weighing heavy. I took it and accepted it. Much of how I look at this, I look at challenges in my life. We always going to find something that bothers us. We always going to find something to make us laugh and smile. We will always understand that we can make things a little bit special each day. To be you, live with yourself, and try to be good to others. Sometimes we can pay too much attention so the curve ball smacks us in the head. Then we are left wondering what happened. Take everything in stride and let yourself enjoy unfamiliarities. Life has a way of hiding its face around the corner of our choice. Time has a way of forgiving us when we felt it is rather too late. You just got to be Quiet.