Tonight I read a comment from an old friend. Simply the comment reflected to me that people will walk out for no reason. I gave this person no reason. Yet without reason, they do. So a part of me wants to keep in touch with this person. Yet another part of me wants to ignore. You just don't give up on people who you felt was a friend. Perhaps it was all in my head. After I read the comment, I felt the confusion subsiding over into a mountainous volcano. Learn to be kind and gracious to those who show they care for you. Excuses is a way to ignore that you have been gone, and you have no other reason. Suppose this is the true meaning of life. You will not always get what you want, and you certainly will not always get what you deserve. 

I think that people should learn to be thankful for the blessings in their lives. With people, there is never any control or to hold down your finger on this person. You just have to let the moment play itself whether short or long. I just find it rather amusing I shall say. This person was very kind in the comment but I guess I am in denial and I am ignoring. Should I be kind and gracious back? I am not the type who likes to begrudge others for their actions just because they did this to me. At the same times, I do not know where the value of friendship stands after a year pass. Do you?