Today I encountered a thought while I was working with one of my foster children. I think that we have to show more understanding and care for these children under the care of our government and welfare system. I feel that as children are developing and identifying with a role, children do not alway see without some form of guidance or structure. If a child is angry, they are not necessarily angry at you. They could be angry at a million of things. Your relationship to children is very meaningful in their life. So if you have children of your own, grandchildren, nieces,  nephews, godson/goddaughter, stepchildren, and foster children. You have to take the step to ensure that they are heard. I hear sad news about children. I wonder how did they get there in this point of their life? What was missing for them that they felt indifferent or could not talk to their guardian or parent? 

So today I took extra steps to really listen to one of my foster children. I tend to always listen but I really listened to what he said. When you repeat what they say, they see that you are listening to them. Now it is not to say that all children behave similar or different. Children look for people to protect and make them feel safe. Most of the time if a child does not want to say something, they may end up saying it without they ever realizing in the conversation. I enjoy working with children. I see a lot of wise children who teach me about life. Everyone has to go through something in order to feel something. If you do not feel, you do not live your life with a fully existence. Children just want us to listen, sometimes no advice is needed. They somehow magically come up with their own solution. You can always offer, and allow them their responsibility to their choices. Children value what we would value for ourselves and from other type of relationships. Just because they are little, they are not invisible.