I stumbled across this talented wedding photographer when I was searching for the Mission Inn and what kind of links were posted for it. The Mission Inn is located in Riverside, CA. It is very famous here because it happens to be one historic piece of architecture for one, but it has a hotel, Bistro restaurant, entertainment, etc. The couple, Krysten and Jeff, got married there on the 9th. I discovered DeeDee Dallas with D2 photography because I was trying to see if the wedding photographers for Krysten and Jeff were linked to the Mission Inn. In any event, this woman is phenomenal in her work. If I wanted to pursue a side job or just be free lance, I would want to work and learn from her. There is another photographer here in California but I do not remember her name off the bat. She is quite exceptional herself. If you would like to view Ms. Dallas's site, you can view it here. (I pray that the link shows) www.deedeedallas.com.

There is a flickr contact that I think well there is actually 2 off the top of my head who does great wedding photography.

Here are the links: [Ash]Imagery-www.flickr.com/photos/4terra