Sorrow Hearts

He whispers
She lifts up her eyes
She calls
He walks away
His heart ways heavy and his heart is playing her tune

A story that she remembers, a best friend she adores
She needs to be near
Two hearts intertwined with ribbons surrounding them with the weight of her heart
He cannot break free

Love coming into two different worlds and bringing the feelings of sorrow
Both stories are universal and both are acknowledged completely
She holds her hand closely to the memories in hope for a future
He watches closely of her to wonder if she will ever know
A man searching
A woman who is never forgotten

Planning time without a drop of any seconds, time to rush rush rush
What if it all fades away? Like tomorrow and something new blooms in those ribboned heart
With satin strung around to land into another hand
Could he wait forever, would she let him forget?

Yet the story is of any lives who is holding on to the love of someone else’s heart
To belong and wanting to feel free in each other arms
Desperately searching for a YES and hearing a time for today
They walk with hearts heavy constantly with thoughts of another

Where does this love go, is it forbidden?
Where does she lay her head at night when she is not able to think of anything else
Where does he go when she needs to keep one step ahead
Chasing everything if only a dream
Reality of someone’s heart, a love song

Playing in each other’s ear
Maybe you’ve been there and maybe you are living it now
I completely sympathize

-Keisha Marshall