The trickle of the leaves falling onto my face,
I look around to feel the autumn breeze tear through my hair
To see Autumn
Autumn doesn’t forget to let you know her season is near

As I stroll along the streets to kick those silly little leaves under my feet,
Autumn whispers softly in my ear, “Why move around in such misery with your heavy feet all over me?”
I look into the sky to see her leaves washing my stare away
And old childhood memories fills the air

Oh Autumn why do you come and leave this coldness,
Why do you come and bear snow along the toes when we are not able to see your leaves no more
Oh Autumn you hold such beauty
I am afraid some are too busy to notice you
I shift my feet underneath your bed of leaves as I smile how I used to run underneath them

You’re the season that changes all
You’re the season that bears none
Yet your colors seem to live on and children don’t forget how pretty an orange, yellow, or red looks in the sun
And I stare at you when I know your friend, Winter, is near

To watch the limbs grow empty and letting the tip of snow holds its finger
No autumn memorable is ever forgotten
Somewhere you wash away the land and you bring the warmth closer than not
Oh Autumn let your leaves stay where they are

I want to remember you as you always will be-for decades to come
I will walk my streets in thought of you
I will run and slide in leaves and let them hide in my hair
I will remember how things change with season come
Oh Autumn
You bring life when the land is thought to be empty

-Keisha Marshall