If everyone got what they want, will everyone still feel satisfied? I never thought that I would live and see the day of what my parents’ generation had to go through with this Great Depression to have another similar occurrence affect my generation. Even the younger generation and the older generations here have to relive it or know from new experiences how this economy, politics, and simple people’s greed destroys a nation. The realization is that every single life is affected by all global upset. I fear the crashing of global markets because the other market in another country is not able to support or sustain the other. This whole flow of trading can be at a halt because people are not able to afford them. Even right now, the market for consumers has dropped stupendously. Everyone is holding on to what more or little they do have. I guess somehow this is to be seen as a blessing. While you are not physically to buy happiness, you can search happiness from just being around others and to talk like the older days before television, before radio, and before the shift of priorities moving away from family to more of an individualistic approach to get ahead of the person sitting beside you.

Competition and greed only depletes the purpose to help others. We don’t teach our children to work together, we teach them to work against one another. As this economic crisis and repeat of recession occurs, I will see all the changes of people either come or go or stand at a still. Many have told me that they fear for the younger generations to fix all of this economic mess. What about those of us who are still here-even generations who are in between the older and younger? What roles does everyone need to play in their life? Can you honestly get up out of bed and not seem to worry about what is going to happen the next second? I know life is not meant to be based on fear and worry but some things in life are just natural to feel this way. I think the most important thing we have for us is family and friends. If it becomes where a loved one does not want to talk due to environmental, political, social aspects, you would know that a lot is hitting closer to home. Distraction comes easy when you want to close your eyes from it all.

Everyone is leaning on Obama to fix this nation. He is only one man holding a 8 year crisis on his shoulder.