They Don’t Want to Hear or See You Fight

I am forced to listen to what you want
I am told to not understand and everything cannot be my way
When someone is hearing something against my judgment,
I am told that I don’t have to listen to some lies
Economic crisis is depleting a lot of people of their rights to survive
And only producing further sleepless nights

They come and get ready for their day
And they are paying attention to the minds of others and crying of the weak
Yet the powers that be will only invest in people who show no heart
And you are just laid to rest while the ones who need you must look away
Yet they say I have to listen, I have to accept their reason
I think not because the world suffers and they cause it more

So now I sit on my bed and write to get this burning anger out of me
I am not able to and I just see the mixture of night to day seeping through the glass door
It is a battle to fight for what you want
And no one wants to listen when you are tired of fighting with people’s shoving and stepping on your face
To get ahead
Who are they getting ahead when everything and everyone is falling behind?

Yet I must listen
I must act like I don’t care
I must be a good girl and wait for another opportunity to come my way
So be it
I hate that the world is sitting like this, and many people are losing chances left and right
And they too have to listen
They cannot lay asleep at night, they cannot tell their child it is going to be OK, they cannot say wait on the president
All this will mean that you have to stand up and face another day

The world is so cold right now
Only things left is to find a way to distract yourself from feeling
And this lingering fear in the streets keep people on their knees in prayer
And hoping it is not their time to not listen to lies again
Yet I find it hard to close my eyes
Because someone out there doesn’t want to understand

The ones who need the help are often the ones who are left with your life in their hand
Yet I am told to understand

-Keisha Marshall

But as they say, God does not put more on us that we cannot bear. I hate politics in all sectors of our life. There is no such thing as a free world or free trade from this matter. Everything you do in life know someone is affected. Everything you do to try to help know someone is watching. It's a shame that everything you want you have to sacrifice for something else. I am finding myself having to search for more doors than to just sit in the room metaphorically and breathe comfortably.