I received an email today from my older brother to asked me how I have been doing with my life. Then the letter went to read that my younger brother had been asking about me. He had been in a car accident approximately two weeks with the car flipping over two times. As devastated as I was to receive such late news, I responded quickly to my brother and call both of them tonight. Everything flashed before me as if it had been my own life that night. The sad thought came across me that I could have lost my brother. Then I would have not known that he was trying to reach me. I have a cell phone that I disconnected soon as I left my last employment. It was the only number he had to reach me besides the house number. Some reason I did not get this message.

You know horror shot through my body. I still feel sad at this very moment. Everything as it had seen could have been gone almost. You would understand that I am close to my younger brother as well as the older. I tend to speak more with the younger. So I left messages for both brothers. The oldest did not return my phone call and I left a voicemail. The youngest returned my phone call after he listened to the voicemail. He did not recognize the number on his caller id. I learned that he had got into the car with someone who had been drinking. I somehow scolded him and told him, "To never ever get behind someone who has been drinking." The scariest part was that our father called him about 1 hour before the accident if he needed a ride home.

I, here, bothered in California and dwelling in my own inside world of thoughts. I could have lost my younger brother. I am so thankful that he is alive. He said he had a few scratches and a bruise along side of his rib (on his skin not internally). I told him to never scare me like this. My younger brother is a bit stubborn and being tested a lot in his life. I know I will need to check up on him more than not along with my parents and older brother. It is a call that we are so vulnerable to everything and knowing someone could have been taken by death. It breaks me up inside. Time could have been cut short for him. I pray that he never make these poor judgments ever again with the wrong crowd of people. He said that the car was totaled. No one was seriously injured except for one who had a broken leg.

All of this could have been prevented. Why do we take so many chances with our life? I understand there is a need to be among others and to have things to do. Something my younger brother and I both share in common, "We often need people more than they sometime need us." In other words, we search and seek the need of others and we are always vulnerable and eager to help.

So all of those who are reading this, "Please don't let anything important past you by. Don't ignore something that you've been meaning to do. Don't forget to say hello to your loved ones or to just check to see they are ok. Be thankful for your today, tomorrow is not a promise. Most of all be good to yourself when you are trying to be good to others." Life would have been very different if there were no good news from this.