I feel strange.

Yesterday I got quite drunk (about 4 glasses of beer and no food), first it was funny, then it grew more insane, and I felt almost crying, turned off everything and fell on the bed, and been sleeping for about 10 hours. Lately I've been ironing some clothes and talking to myself in english, funny, maybe I decided to do it because I had to think not only about the subject, but also about words, sentences, tenses and so on. 

I want to buy shoes. Today I went shopping to a large mall, got very tired, tried on a lot of shoes, tomorrow I'll go to another store for my size, because all the pairs I liked were out of stock. So instead of it I bought two M.A.C. eyeshadows and a little brush, and also some thing from Lush. Money-money..

Also I'll have to work (goddamn practice in uni) for 2 weeks.