Today I remembered I should go and dye my hair (because it looked awful, when my natural grew about 2cm), so I went there, couldn't decide abou the color for about 15 minutes, finally I thought I'd better make them a little bit darker and less red, so in the end it turned out to be darker than I expected (almost the same color I've been about 1,5 years ago) - i'll post some photos later. Then I went to the street with trams and caught one, bought myself a new keyboard (it's strange, because it's too compact and all buttons are very close to each other) and some food.. I was very tired. And in the evening I watched footbal, Netherlands with Roumania, though Van der Sar didn't play, I decided to watch and it was great, I'm happy they won for the third time! And now it's better for me to go to sleep.