So, today is my birthday, I'm turning 19. What can I say? I don't feel myself older, I don't feel much difference. Of course, some things happend to me during the past year, but I'm still in university, still haven't got anybody to go out and love (there've been some, but that was not serious, once for myself, and once for the other person). Now I have a rabbit - awful creature..very strange. I'm listening to music, been to a few concerts, read some books.. I understood again, that I have a few friends, really a few, with whoom I meet quite rarely, because they have their own lives, and I don't know if I want to have some more people to talk to, to go somewhere for a walks and so on, I'm kind of antisocial, because I'm afraid of responsibility, in friendship or love, don't matter. I start to think about my usual problems, sometimes lack of time, or problems with health, which really bother me, because my life isn't normal when I have them. I can't build plans, I can't think about summer vacations, because almost every day there are problems, again and again, and when I feel sick I just can't imagine I'll go somewhere and spend time great. And though I wanna go to the sea, I can't stand hot and humid climate, because my last vacations in Greece were awful because of boredom and really hot weather, I said to my mother I won't go anywhere to the South in July. So, my future is uncertain :) But I also unterstand, if I don't go anywhere, I won't rest and have energy for the next year of uni. Oh. But I think I really need someone, I need some simple relations, maybe not very serious, but I don't want to waste time on all those waiting and hiding from your partner, I want to be honest and sincere, and of course I want the same in return.