So. I started art school a few weeks ago. It's an adjustment, and my feelings are 50/50 at the moment, but I think it's part of getting used to all the new people and the new routine more than being at school itself. In other words, school is fine, I just really have to get used to everything.

Yesterday I started to become active at JPG magazine. Profile is here. I wrote a story on one of my projects here so check that out if you have a minute :)

I'm hoping to focus my attention on taking some chances and getting my work out there. JPG seems like a nice start, though I have been trying other things...

Yesterday I also took some photos for a toy tractor miniature collectors' magazine. My BF collects miniatures and is in the process of writing some articles about them and I'm doing the photography. It will get published in print, so that will be nice.

And finally I have something very important to me to share with you. A group of 44 ladies, myself included, have published a book via about self-portraits. More details at Blurb. We worked on this book very intensely and we're so very proud of it. I am hoping to buy my own copy within a few weeks; I have a job (yay!) but I haven't been paid just yet haha.