Hello! Through a friend I made my way back to ipernity. It's been a while but I must say I love how Ipernity is progressing thus far.

A few updates:

* I graduated in October but couldn't find work in my field (psychology). This was stressful and one of the reasons I slacked off on everything except maybe flickr.

* But I'm finding other temping jobs, unrelated to my field, but a way to keep busy and bring in some money. Tonight I'm finally ordering  a new laptop, so working in some way is definitely "paying off"

* And this temping, I'll be doing for a while... I decided to not be a psychologist anymore (because I won't work for free and that is the only way I can get any work here in this field) but instead focus on my photography... so I am in the process of applying for an art school here in my country. My assessment day is on June 5th. I'm scared and nervous... but happy that I'm trying. Taking action!!!

* My boyfriend Wil and I are still together, our 1 year anniversary is coming up in 2 days. Yay!


How have you all been?