Of course I immediately jumped on the opportunity to create a few groups myself:

- lomo
- san francisco
- books

I'll get busy on organizing them when I'm home from work! :)

Meanwhile, here are three other awesome groups I have joined:

I'm sticking to the few that I can join. I can't seem to add my photos to any group yet though, but I assume that's just temporary! :D

- polaroid
- selfportraits
- food photography

10 is not a lot of groups to join, and going pro is out of the question at the moment - I don't have the money for it now and flickr is still my number 1 home... I'd rather spend money to stay pro there. Maybe later I'd go pro here, it all depends on if I'm still visited enough etc.

Have a good one! :)

ps - I do ask that you refrain from inviting my photos to groups - don't worry, I'll add them to the groups I've joined :)
And if it ever gets to the whole 'group image' thing like at flickr (which has gotten so out of hand, it's one of the downsides to flickr in my opinion), do NOT post them in my comments... Thank you.