Woke up this morning and checked ipernity (of which I'm growing more fond by the day) to see my page has been visited over 1000 times. Thanks everyone who has stopped by, read the writings here, commented andfaved, I appreciate it!

My blog has been updated again by the way.

Re: printers: for now I decided to just get my work sent out by someone who knows what he's/she's doing. I'm looking into finding some decent printshops, ask photoclub members for some addresses maybe. Later, I might invest in a quality printer (when I have a job = money). For now, doing it like this :)

Thanks everyone for their input on yesterday's blog and helping me realize that this is the best way to go for the time being!

Also, thank GOD "talk like a pirate day" is over. I was getting kind of sick of seeing that stupid pirate flag all over flickr and seeing all those pirate photos in explore. Eh.