This is hell! Alright, not. I'm very, very stressed because I've got two exams ahead and I'm not sure I'm going to make it!

But, mostly, I'm stressed because I can't start making all the things I planned to until I clear some stuff about us moving to the new house and it's just... UGH. Plain awful and stressful and aklsñdjfadfa.

And, I don't know. I miss doing dolly stuff so much :/ It's been less than a week, but apparently, I need it!!! I guess it's because I keep doodling designs and having ideas.

Downer post, right? D_:

Not so much!

On the bright side, I'm working in making a blog to showcase my work and keep you all updated :D And a series of tutorials that should cover the complete customization of a Blythe! Maybe I'll think about doing something similar with an Icy in the future :O

Aaand, a bit of shameless selfpromotion too!!!

She is still avaliable! You can get her on my Etsy or my FB page :D I've also got one (possibly two) 80€ Epoxy Slots left! Remember that I won't start working on the girls until mid june ;)