So, yesterday A and I set off with two things in mind:

1) Buy some waterproof trousers for our next walking holiday

2) Take some nice photos

Autumn has so far been extremely kind to us in our bit of the world and yesterday, although it started off gray and miserable, turned into a glorious sunny day, with low warm sunlight. Perfect for taking photos. But yesterday I returned home with not a single shot taken (though I did manage to get the waterproofs, so it was a partially successful day).

Today I went out for a little walk taking the camera with me. I was probably out and about for roughly half the time we spent out of doors yesterday, but I managed to come home with a few nice pictures (in amongst many so-so pictures).

The main difference ? Yesterday I had my camera in my bag. Today it was around my neck.

The first rule of Photoclub is "Take the camera out of the bag".