See that title up there? About toilets and cameras not mixing? You probably knew that already, as did I, but it took my cousin's 18-month old actually tossing my camera in the toilet to see that principle in action. I know that's how little kids learn. I'm not would be silly to be upset at a toddler for just experiencing life. They grasp things first hand...I get that. But is it horrible of me to wish that it hadn't been my camera that landed in the can?

That's one of the reasons there's been an absence of photos from me. In November, my cousin and her family were visiting from out-of-town. We had a get-together in my teensy townhouse, but it was nice as I hadn't seen her in awhile. I think her boyfriend is a good guy and her little kiddo is adorable, but it's a smart idea to keep your eyes on that kid at all times! That was a lesson that I learned the hard way. I had my camera in my purse, but purses and all their mysterious contents are fascinating to young children. I guess when we adults were catching up, little-miss-sticky-fingers found my camera and threw it in the toilet. You can probably guess that signaled the end of my camera's functioning life.

And that's not all. She found a sharpie on my daughter's art table (Sharpies are my daughter's favorite art supply), and got ahold of a couple of dolls from my doll shelf. She made a few marks on the doll's face. While I was able to get the sharpie off, my cleaning efforts also took off part of the face-up. I ended up wiping off the entire thing. I'm sad because it was a custom face-up that I really loved. I hope I can commission that same artist again--and just maybe I can get her to do a similar face-up because looking at that blank pullip face plate makes me feel like my doll died.

If you think that was all the havoc my cousin's child created, then brace yourself. I thought that was all, but just today, I found another of my custom dolls with sharpie marks. I'm not too sad about that one because she had a lip chip anyway and I was planning on sending her to get her face-up redone. Whew! That was one destructive kiddo. I'm sure one of these days, I'll look back on this and laugh, but right now, not so much. I suppose we should all have been keeping a better eye on the kids; I'm just so used to letting my kids have their freedom as they are older and are generally well-behaved.

My cousin gave me money to replace my camera. It was a Sony digital point & shoot and I had it for about 1 or 2 years. Because of the holiday deals, I was able to find a replacement for a good price. I didn't really bring up the dolls...none of my relatives really understand my doll hobby, so I didn't feel comfortable.

So I'll leave this entry with a photo to remember my custom pullip by...I miss her pretty little face!