As of this writing, I have more dolls than I thought I would. I feel like maybe I don't need any more. Of course I don't NEED more, no one really needs MORE dolls, right? I suppose I should just say that I want more...however, lack of space in my tiny living quarters makes me reconsider. I guess I could always rehome some of the ones I currently have...but I'm too attached to them.

Kili 1.0.: Fairyland Pukipuki Darjeeling, Beauty White. Fairyland wig & face-up. 8mm acrylic eyes, brown.
Kili 2.0.: Fairyland Pukifee Luna, Beauty White. Wears a ForMyDoll wig and custom face-up by mystery artist. 10mm glass eyes, brown.
Daito: Fairyland Pukifee Boris Shiwoo, Natural. Latidoll wig, Fairyland face-up. 10mm handblown glass eyes, blue.
Hitomi: Fairyland Pukifee Mio, Natural. Fairyland wig & face-up. 10mm glass eyes, gold.
Yume: Fairyland Pukifee Luna, Natural. Unknown brand wig. Custom face-up by Meenist. 10mm glass eyes, turquoise.
Kokoro: Fairyland Pukifee Ante, Natural. Monique wig. Custom face-up by AngelToast Aesthetics. 10mm handblown glass eyes, gray.
Shuya: Lati Yellow Miel. Latidoll wig. 12mm glass eyes, brown. Custom face-up by Shallow Sleep / Asainemuri.

The Pullips:

Rika: RIDa, stock face-up, wig, Type 3 body. Rechipped.
Hinata: ALa. Custom face-up by Myufish. LIV doll body. Jpop wig. Rechipped.
Koto: Suigintou. Custom face-up by Myufish. LIV doll body. ForMyDoll wig. Rechipped.
Akari: Chill. Custom face-up by Buff. LIV doll body. Tata's Paradise wig. Rechipped.
Mirai: Stica. Custom face-up by Nomyens. LIV doll body. NDoll wig. Rechipped.
Tifa: Craziia. Custom face-up by Buff. LIV doll body (temporary). Leeke wig. Rechipped.

The Dals:

Moe: Jolie, stock face-up. 21cm hybrid obitsu. Jpop wig. Rechipped (one blue & one green eye).
Yuzuki/Tekka-Maki: Tezca, stock face-up. 21cm hybrid obitsu. Leeke wig. Rechipped.

The Mini-Dal:
Tina (no changes & no other name)

The Taeyangs:

Seiya: Timulus, stock face-up, wig & body. Rechipped.
Taiyo: Richt, custom face-up by Myufish. Spite & Malice (S&M) wig. Rechipped.
Akira: Hash, custom face-up by Myufish. Spite & Malice (S&M) wig. Rechipped.
Koji: Lead, custom face-up by Redbeanpetit4s. Sage wig. Non-permanent lip rings. Rechipped.
Arashi: Arashi, custom face-up by PoisonGirl. Spite & Malice (S&M) wig. Rechipped.
Cloud: Lead again. Custom face-up by Buff. Spite & Malice (S&M) wig. Rechipped.
Mr. No-Name: Andrew, stock face-up, pierced ears. Rechipped.

The Isuls:
Kazuhiro: Mori Motonari. Stock face-up & body. Rewigged & rechipped.
Shotaro: Hednar. Stock face-up, wig & body. Rechipped.

*A pukifee with a custom face-up by Xhanthi.
*A Taeyang with a custom face-up by Aya&Ume
*A Naah-ato with a custom face-up by Myufish, Buff, Nomyens, or Aya&Ume