I dont know what my problem is. I have a doll family I thought I was satisfied with. It might even be considered large by some. A dozen Pullips & Taeyangs, a quartet of Dals & Isuls, seven tiny BJDs, and a lone mini Dal. My dolls are a nice mix of stock face-ups and customs and they sport a variety of wig brands, colors, & styles. I had imposed the "one in, one out" rule upon myself in hopes of not getting any more dolls. And I thought I could stick to it.

But then I somehow acquired another Taeyang. I am not sure I understand how or why it happened. Deep down, I probably do, but it's just easier to play dumb. Someone on Dolly Market is drastically cutting down on her pullip & co. collection. I know I shouldn't even take a peek in the secondhand sections of the various forums I'm a part of--the Den of Angels Marketplace, the BST on Dolly Market, the Princess Needing Rescue section of Blythe Kingdom--especially since I'm not...erm...I wasn't actively looking for a doll. And yet...I ended up bringing home Twinkle_eyed's nude, bald, pierced & rechipped Taeyang Andrew.

Taeyang Andrew wasn't even on my radar. The only dolls that I had on my short wishlist were the Werewolf Taeyang & witchy Pullip. But the prices of the new releases make me cringe, and once I saw that the pullip had the preorder price of $135 at Pullip Style, I knew that I would never ever get them, no matter how amazing I think they are. So why on earth did I decide to get Andrew of all dolls? My short answer is I'm a sucker for a low price. Twinkle_eyed was doing a Memorial Day special where she gave a 5% discount on her listed prices and shipping was included. That was a really good deal to me. Now I'm not crazy about Andrew's stock face-up, but it will do until I find someone to give him a custom face-up. I had the funds in my PayPal account, so it's not like this purchase is a hardship.

For the time being, I'm putting him to work. Andrew (that's his name for now until I think of something better) is my eyechip model for my etsy shop. Since there isn't any room for him on the doll shelf, he lives near my indoor flower box planter, my project for the summer. I feel like maybe I should dress him like a garden gnome since he's hanging out by our sprouting poppy & daisy plants.

Except now, the balance in my doll family is off. I like my dolls to have a partner. Don't ask me why, it's just one of my personal rules for collecting. For my Pullip-Taeyang pairings, I eventually will find a tiny BJD to be their child. So with the arrival of my newest Taeyang, I am now saving up for a) a custom face-up, b) a Pullip, and c) a tiny BJD. Well, at least now I actually have things I'm looking for if you notice that I'm browsing in the Dolly Market BST or the Den of Angels Marketplace.

Do you have any rules for yourself and your doll collection?