I like routine. I like plans. When I go shopping, I make lists. I like things neat and need order in my life. I get on my kids to pick up their toys around the house. I vacuum at least once a week. This is why I was so upset by Flickr's change on Monday. It seemed very sudden and unannounced. Advanced warning would have been appreciated, but I had none of that. All I know is that when I signed in to flickr on Monday, I was greeted with overwhelming blackness and a huge jumble of photos that seemed neverending. And the comments that I loved...I had to dig around for them.

I know that the flickr change isn't the end of the world and there are much more serious problems in the world than a website's new look. And yes, maybe I hit the panic button early. But I really don't like the rug being pulled out from under me. I wanted to like the new flickr. I tried uploading a picture yesterday...but nine attempts and I kept getting "Uploading Failed". It finally went on the tenth try. Really. Ten tries for one stinkin' photo?! I never encountered such problems before. So I started searching around for an alternative...and this is what I found. It seems nice so far.

I will still keep my flickr account open and I'll try to get used to the new look. I hope they will make some changes...they really should listen to their users. From what I read, the people who did not like the changes far outnumbered the ones who like it. It might be crazy for me to have two photo-sharing accounts...but I don't see any other alternative. I'll slowly be bringing over the most important photos from my flickr account, but not everything.

Thanks to everyone who has added me as a contact/acquaintance/friend whatever. I look forward to seeing your photos! :)