Checking Internet Connection Speed Do you want to cross check whether you are getting the download and upload speed that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) promises? Browsing the web, checking emails, or using Facebook does not consume a large amount of bandwidth. However downloading movies, large files or watching YouTube videos one after another, can consume a very large amount of bandwidth. If you aren’t on an optimized and fast connection, file downloads and video streaming may take ages. So if you’re a heavyweight internet user, and find that your connection speed has been reduced considerably, it would be advisable to run an internet speed check on your side. If you see that the upload or download speed is lower than promised, you can switch to a different Internet service provider who provide more speed and bandwidth than your current provider.

Checking The Speed Of Your Internet Connection

Go to and click the large Begin Test button. The tool requires Adobe Flash player to be pre-installed on your browser.

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