A soft, warm light illuminates your face while you walk. To both sides of the lane, the bounteous vegetation, green, fresh and live, gives way to new and beautiful flowering fruits, they are strange, never seen by you and unknown to the rest of the world, they are so exquisite that you cannot stop looking at them. An enormous sensation of wellbeing fills your soul, and for the first time, you feel complete happiness caress you without reserve. The air is clean, pleasantly fragrant, and it glides into your lungs, leaving delightful sensations on its way. There is not even the faintest trace of tiredness, pain or consciousness of your body’s movements, but you do feel your being, you are, you are there, you are a part of everything you see, but you have not lost your identity, you are one, you are everything.

Each one of your senses, the ones you knew, and the ones that you are starting to be conscious of, are wrapped in wonderful sensations that stimulate them on levels that you could never have dreamed of.

 A music, that is not such, but the cluster of all the lovely sounds that stem from the place you are passing through, surrounds you and moves you so much so that you want to embrace it, kiss it as if it were a relinquished lover. You look forward, still perceiving every second of the orchestra of sensations that make up your path, you think you can sense, still far from you, amongst the million colours of the horizon, a figure, of a human being, perfectly drawn out. It is not still, it moves, but in a strange way, you even think it may perhaps be a little grotesque.

 Little by little you approach it, you start feeling slightly familiar with that being, at the same time, you barely start feeling your legs, a faint tiredness gradually slips into the paradise of your senses and the music loses volume, while the air turns somewhat stifling. The aromas and fragrances that were marvelous, turn to simple smells that are relatively acceptable or sufferable. The explosion of colours slowly goes towards a grey scale, and the dreamlike sounds are left in the vulgar and everyday ration of decibels, of which little or nothing is profitable.

 You feel strange, disconcerted, and you start to recognize old unwelcome emotions, which return from their transitory death to land on you once again, fear, anxiousness, remorse, grief…. The figure is already very close, you avow that it moves, yes, it really moves, and it is coming towards you, while your heart still feels the wake-up calls of old friends, or enemies… hate, pain, scorn… It is very close, and you can hear its distressed, trembling breathing, you know who it is, yes, it is unmistakable, its features, its hair, its way of walking, you know who it is, you cannot believe it, you rub your eyes, she has reached you, she is in front of you, paradise has disappeared, she stares at you, you have seen them a million times, but they have never looked at you like this, those eyes stab fear into you like a dagger, cold and harrowing, you try to utter any word at all but you can’t, saying her name has no meaning, it would be something grotesque, but grotesque is all you can think about, and you want to cry, cry, or maybe better, wake-up…