wow, two days ago i woke from a dream where my biggest dilemma was three men loving me at once. i solved that problem by slipping out the door.

this morning i bolted awake from frustration dreams. first i was having a dream i was back working in a restaurant. it was as if my parties were all behind a glass wall. i could see them but there was nothing i could do to get to them. there was no way around. i couldn't talk to them but they certainly could complain to my boss and he could talk to me. my anxiety was high. it's been nearly ten years since i worked in a restaurant- why dream this now?

next, i dreamt my sister came to me and told me she was in huge financial trouble- nothing i could help with. this was all taking place in the same room. it was like a one set play. i urged her out. after she left the set didn't change but it turned into my studio with cracks in the floor. looking down through the holes i could see a bonfire burning. there was a twinkling christmas tree on top of the fire. i went running around the building making sure everyone was out. when the firemen arrived and i stepped outside it was onto a street that looked like a deserted frontier town complete with false fronts.

i couldn't wake up soon enough to suit myself. i was aware of trying to wake up. when i did rouse i jumped out of bed as quickly as i could, trying to shake the dreams off.

time to sleep again. i hope tonight's dreams are better.