Yes it's true. Photograph yourself as a faux socialite one day and become a shopgirl the next.

My station in life is everchanging.

Investigating the retail industry from the inside out. Getting out and interacting with people in real time- woo! We have lots of rubber ducks in stock! other news... sites i liked this week...

People from the Twist fair which I attended last Friday:

Anna Ashley Brown is as sweet as her fantastic creatures!

I'm in love with this work! and I got to meet Stevie at the show. I talked way too much but he's a really good listener, as is his girlfriend. Thanks guys!

Magazines I recommend for inspiration :

Cloth Paper Scissors

The Artful Blogger

My revelation of the week: The world really is ready for an independent arts and crafts renaissance.

This afternoon I'm heading for The Emily Dickinson Homestead with my new cam. I'll let you know what their shooting policies are when I get back.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!

Does anyone need a foot long devil duckie?