I awoke this morning remembering seeing Henri Banks driving away from me in Vermont. It was a dream. He was behind the wheel of a bright orange 1969 Chevrolet hardtop. He had an elderly woman up front and and elderly gentleman in the back. I thought hey- that's Henri. What's he doing in Vermont? I saw the back of his head so clearly. The orange of the car so vibrant against the green maples. His silhouette inside the car's. I tried to catch him in my Honda but I couldn't- he got away.

Next thing I knew I was dreaming Fritz was admonishing a fellow, female iperite be cause her photo's title wasn't sufficient. I woke up after hearing him say, "Good god woman, you've got to let the picture startle you!"

I sat up and looked around at the early shadows in my room suddenly remembering the dream I had when I began on ipernity. It's here. I don't know what any of it means. I do remember the wallpaper in that Victorian living room and I willl know it if I see it.

Everything seems like deja vue lately. Does that ever happen to you?

Life's funny.