I'm the distant relative of a patriot. Ethan Allen. He stood down the British with only his word and reclaimed Fort Ticonderoga. Conviction did the job. Perhaps I take my heritage too seriously. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker which said a true patriot has to be ready to defend himself against his own government. Absolutely.

Also true is that sometimes we also have to defend our rights from fellow citizens who abuse the very same rights we fight for. Someone on iper has spoken out very bravely this morning against the pornography she and I have seen on this site. I am not going to link her. I didn't ask her permission to link. It's rude to hotlink a person. Though the rudeness is generally overlooked. That's a part of our erosion as a society, overlooking small rudenesses. It makes the day easier but can also pave the way for further problems.

In her case it could go beyond rude to dangerous. I don't ever want to endanger another fellow human being. I do want her to know I admire her bravery in speaking out.

She and I have noticed some exploitative photography among our members. I have been frustrated by this ongoing behavior for some time now myself. I was only offended by the crass, housewife porn I was seeing. My friend looked further and saw activity she knows is illegal. I hadn't seen it.

There is talk afoot that ipernity will do something about this matter in the next few days.

In the meantime I have created a group called: Against Pornography On Ipernity. As a forum.

Please join me in taking a stand for our rights as artists. I will not be sending bulk invitations to this group as I do not wish to offend anyone. Thank you.

There will be no photos in this group.