Last week, bebe gulped noticeably when I told him I needed a man to go shooting with.

Today I went to Holyoke by myself.

What if you were standing on the sidewalk in one of the roughest towns of the state and a woman came across the street shouting at you, "What are you taking pictures of "? It's not the first time I've met an unusual woman this way.

She started asking me if I was the woman who took her picture once when she was pregnant.

I told her I wasn't the woman but that I could see she was very photogenic. She was very pretty. Though signs of how difficult her life was and is were obvious on her face.

She asked me to cross the street to take some pics with her and her dog.

When we got there her boyfriend had come out of The Havana Supermarket. He was leaning down to a pitbull.

He looked a bit surprised but welcomed me. He had a handsome but very rough face. They were a fascinating couple. She- anglo saxon, he boricua.

They posed with the dog and I took three quick shots.

They were surprised not to hear any clicking. When I told them I'd gotten the shots they both asked me to confirm that the photos were for my own personal use. Specifically- not for the newspaper.

I assured them they were correct. He asked if I wanted something to drink from inside the store. I said "No, thank you". He tried to insist. I said, "No- really, but thanks."

I talked to her for a few more moments. She wanted me to mail me a pic to their address. I memorized it and said goodbye.

I'm afraid to look. My impulse is to delete.