Dear friends,

I did go away for a week by the sea. I rented a small cottage right on Goose Rocks Beach.It was a humble house. Exactly as i'd hoped it would be. A respite in the past. I spent much of my life summer vactioning in another cottage very much like this one. It wasn't mine and it was lost to me and the people who owned it. Sad story. We'll save it for another time.

I've been looking for eight years to replace that loss. It wasn't in vain.

The rental sign and the cottage just crossed my path. One cottage, one week left, just for me.

The man who owns it was incredulous when I called him in Cali.

It's Maine. I only have one week. The first week of June. I asked how many bedrooms. Three- but that house isn't modern and the weather can be bad that time of year.

I'll take it I said.