I rushed home from my appointment with my life coach today because people needed me and my car.

Generally I take a couple hours off to digest  our discussion. Instead i had a double cappucino made by a cutie, named Alyssa. She told me I was a good candidate to be her best friend because:

1 i ordered my capp to stay. foam's wasted in a paper cup.

2 she liked my blouse. one of the spangly ones that embarasses my daughter because she has indian friends. she's afraid i look like a culture thief.

3 i ordered skim milk. skim makes the best foam.

4 she liked my pink purse.

She passed my capp across the counter. I think i did a pretty good job with this, she said. She motioned to her co-worker and said, She coulda made it better. Her foam's awesome.

I laughed and said yeah, you could've at least made me a foam dog or something on it.

She looked at me with good humoured respect and said yeah, i really think we could be friends- i like that blouse.

the cappucino was delicious.

after leaving the cafe- the day went downhill from there.

next time, i'll stay with alyssa longer.