hey, josie here.

i'm a threefinger typist producing three blogs daily. i love interaction and feedback. i prefer to keep it above board  and on the blogs. though i do welcome personal email and try to respond to all that i receive. if you write email in a simple chat form as i do- you're more liable to get a quick response. three finger typist- remember.

regarding your work and my visits. i find myself incredibly tuned into collective consciousness- though i try to limit sources that color my direction too much. for this same reason i don't visit as many blogs as i'd like to. please forgive me. it's my attempt to produce from a pure source.

with this blog i want to nurture a sharing environment as if you've walked into my actual studio.

please come in and feel welcome. i love to hear what you have to say.

thank you all for your kind attentiveness to me.

love, josie


p.s. if you have anything you want me to see specifically please post it in a comment thumbnail size (so people without highspeed may enjoy also ) and i will visit.