I took myself on a roadtrip to Brattleboro Vermont yesterday. Me and my camera. Brat's a funky cool town. just up the road a ways. 45 minutes on the highway. Great little place for a getaway. I hadn't been up in decades. it used to be a regular destination for me.

Connecticut River, railroad tracks, a vibrant youth scene and history. A lovely afternoon. Wandering down alleys that led to the river and tracks. Lots of graffiti.


When I got hungry i found my way to Capers recommended by Susannah at Delectable Mountain

home of this hat and natural fibers for a princess to die for.


Capers is special, go there again, special. Like finding your way into your mother's dream kitchen. Cream of yukon gold soup served with visible steam . Garnished with white truffle oil . A fragrant dream come true.

The entree-  chicken with tarragon and a vinegar based glaze. So hot, moist and delicious. I told Laurie, the owner, her food made me feel as if I had a mother on the planet again. Her company at the bar and that of the gentleman's next to me made my visit to Brattleboro something I'm anxious to repeat.

Lovely restaurant, lovely town, lovely people.