Yes, I'm wearing a Chinese jacket. I bought it from a shop owned by Asian Americans. They still need and deserve to eat too.

We have to go after the major corporations who are raping the world and supporting China. I will wear my jacket and use it to draw attention to the cause. I will mention the atrocious human rights violations China is committing.

DO NOT buy ANY Food, Toys or Beauty Aids from China.

All the water supply in CHINA is reported to be polluted rendering virtually all food toxic.

There have been many recalls of lead tainted toys in the US.

Primarily from a major toy supplier- Fisher - Price.

There have also been tainted toothpastes found on our grocery shelves. Colgate with anti- freeze.

Beware and be wise.

If you can find Tibetan goods- BUY THEM. Do your part with what you consume.

Happy Saturday.