Today I went to see a bio energy healer . This informative article was written about him in link

The article is true to the experience. A session with him is so exhausting I don't know how the author managed to sit through two . Everything she described is nearly exactly as it happened today. Except that when he took the statue around the room he told me it was Reubens and I looked like Reubens' wife. Strange. I knew it wasn't Reubens. Stranger still, was his comment.

He did a lot of loud talking in a very heavy accent. Yelling, it's your life! Common sense! It's our country. Do something! I'm saving your life!

Then he told us he had a friend with terminal cancer that wanted to be cured so he told him to go home and think about all the sexual encounters he'd had . He then told us the man had so many encounters to remember that his cancer went away. That was just weird.

His talk was a two hour ramble of sense and nonsense.

When I went into the room for my private session, he told me I  was a beautiful woman who needed to stop doubting herself. That I was the perfect size for a Russian man. That Russian men didn't like skinny women.  This was supposed to cure my anxiety?

I left with many more questions than answers. He told me to move to Arizona or California because my hands were cold. That our high pressure systems weren't good for my health and I was bound for a stroke if the barometric pressure changed rapidly one day.

Interestingly, I just had a stress test and an ekg last week. I had to do double the time on the treadmill to get my heart rate high enough to test it. My blood pressure is fine.

Truthfully, I felt more bullied and badgered than anything, certainly not a cure for anxiety.

Meanwhile my sister-in - law  saw him seven years ago and hasn't smoked since.

I'm grateful we weren't asleep during this treatment.