Building Spritely Dwellings


I think this skinny kid is quite something
 His sadness makes me weep.
 The mommy in me wants to scoop him up and fix
 everything with kisses.
 Let's go back to those nature days .
 We'll collect some moss and lichens
 Build fairy houses and wait for all those gentle and
 astounding animals to come back.
 The little boy has become quite a man.

Josie Soho








Fresh from the outdoor line,
Conjure memories of days long past,
When snuggling in their cool embrace,
Was all the security one would need,
To sleep in peace, and dream the dreams of innocence.
No bottled aromatic potion,
Or chemical injected, sponge like pad,
Can transport me,
To that peaceful place again.






Barabbas and I met on match .com in  january 2005. we exchanged many letters before meeting in march  2005.

our meeting coincided with the decline of both our mothers. mine died. i'm not certain what became of him and his. we lost contact. 

he was one of the  most of the meaningful people i'd met in along time. i wish him well.