When I was in Berlin

HB showed me how he keeps his web cam covered when not in use.

Hackers can look in, he says.

I just went to the kitchen to reheat my coffee in the micro,

like i do 87 times in the morning.

it gets cold while i write.

when i came back in

my laptop's camera was on.

i saw what a hacker would see.

my dead mother's bathrobe still hanging on the back of the door where i left it for her and me.

not camera ready

i sat down and looked into the lap.

i gave it the double finger and glared in.

Then i screamed fuck you and shut it off.

I stopped working  in my pj's since Berlin but i'm still tasting the dro when i type.

Knowledge is power.

I type from the room where I last saw my mer child and convinced my mother to die.

Fuck you very much.

Hack that!