She was crashed. She said i'm glad you're home from berlin mommy but i'm too tired to talk to you.

There was a flashlight on the table beside her. i wondered why. the light bill's up to date. i was tired. i'd snapped at my driver on the way home. That caused him to speed but that was a good thing. more about bluebird limo service later.

i threw my bags down and looked for pjs. thought about whether i should talk to Rose again first. i put the pjs down and went back into the living room.

Rose Diamond- what happened? I knew she'd been snowboarding that day.

i hurt myself mom.

do we need to go to the emergency room?

praying we didn't because it's a six hour ordeal. i was already beginning my delirium from jet lag.

no , mom . i'll be alright.

i went to bed thinking about how careful and wise she is. trusting she would know if we needed to go to the doctor.

i slept a few hours and roused again.

Rose Diamond woke and said  I hurt my neck two times from falling and then the chair lift wacked my board into both shins.

But I made sure I wasn't concussed before I went to sleep. Hence the flashlight.

That's my girl. next time I'm taking her to Berlin.

 I don't think she'll mind playing there while I search for G.I's kids.

 Did I tell you I saw Greenland on the way home? I got in trouble for coloring it black once on the map. But I 've always been called on my art since day one- why should that change?

 Above all else to thine ownself be true. It's not easy but it's worth it. Night babies.